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Carrière Frères - Special Edition Rose Pepper Candle (185g)

The Special Edition Rose Pepper Candle comes in an antique pink mat glass container and features a blend of Damascus Rose and pepper that burn passionately. The Damascus Rose, known as the "Queen of flowers," originates from Turkey and has been revered since ancient times for its elegant scent and beauty. The rose has been celebrated as a divine symbol across China and Persia. Pepper, which is also rare and esteemed, has been traded since ancient times and was even used as currency. It is mentioned in the Roman cookbook "De re culinarian libri" by Apicius.

Pepper is well-known for its intense flavor and medicinal properties. Similarly, the rose has been celebrated for its aphrodisiac effects and stimulating power since ancient times. Together, they are believed to help with anxiety, tension, and sleep disorders, soothe the nervous system, and promote natural stimulation, energy, and invigoration


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