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Solid Perfumes - Le Sable

Wear your personal Maison Balzac fragrance at a moment’s notice! The perfect travel companion, slip one into your pocket and prepare to be transported…

Apply to pulse points for optimum pleasure. Keep on hand for refreshments, or the inevitable: ‘what are you wearing?’


An olfactory landscape of the beach at dusk, our solid perfume captures the grounding pleasure of fingers diving into hot sand, searching for respite in the cool layers beneath.

Multi-sensory pleasures ebb and flow like waves; lulling between warm cedarwood, refreshing eucalyptus and the nostalgic musk of patchouli.

Anchored to the earth, gazing across a shoreline that shimmers with heat from the lingering sun, we see the world anew. Le Sable, or ‘the sand’, is the sillage of the forever young.

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