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Roma Earrings

Arriving Mid February 

These earrings feature 1980's Italian lire coins and a St Christopher medallion, embellished with baroque pearls. St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, believed to offer protection to all while on voyage. The wheat sprigs shown represent the abundance of Sicily, much valued by the Romans for whom it served as the granary of the Roman Empire. The oak leaves on the reverse represent power, endurance and longevity, reminding us that as the oak tree matures slowly, great strength and power can be achieved through patience and faith.



A note on pearl: June's birthstone, said to symbolize a pure heart and mind, innocence and faith. With links to the moon and water, helping to balance emotions.



Behind the name: Roma is the Italian word for "Rome."



High quality materials:18ct gold plated solid silver and baroque pearls



Handmade in Italy



Designed in the UK by women, for women

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