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Oud Eclipse Candle

Oud Eclipse from Greg Natale’s divine Solar Collection lures the senses with an intriguing blend that hints at chance encounters in the passing shadows. Earthy frankincense brings a subtle trace of ritual, where the flickering lights from candelabras conceal moments steeped in mystery, while the moody sophistication of leather oud entwines with the smoky citrus of bergamot tobacco for a bittersweet melange as enchanting as it is enigmatic.

Material: Bone China
Dimensions: Ø8 x H10.4cm/Ø3.2 x H4.1in
Hand poured in Australia

Made from Bone China with real gold or silver, the vessel will continue to daze even once the last hints of scent have long since faded. The collection is available in three different designs (Soleil, Eclipse and Lune).

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