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SENTEURS D'ORIENT - Mini Ma'amoul Soap, Jasmine of Arabia

We firmly believe that small things can bring great joy, and our Mini Ma'amoul soaps are a perfect example of that. These sweet little soaps are infused with pure essential oils, giving them a unique and delightful scent. You can mix and match the shapes and fragrances to your heart's content!

Each mini Ma'amoul soap is handcrafted by skilled artisans at our atelier, taking inspiration from the traditional Lebanese Ma'amoul pastries. We air-dry each soap for about ten days, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. Our formula contains a blend of precious essential oils, fine fragrance, moisturizing Olive oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Glycerin, which help to soothe and relax your skin.

These Mini Ma'amoul soaps are perfect for guest amenities and travel, thanks to their convenient size and premium ingredients. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products, and our artisanal approach ensures that every soap is crafted with the utmost care.

Our Jasmine of Arabia fragrance is inspired by the most exquisite variety of the flower and evokes the allure and sensuality of the Mediterranean coast with its soft floral notes. This fragrance is created using a blend of Petit Grain and Jasmine essential oils, which provide a soothing and refreshing scent experience.

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