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Menu - Yana Brewing Pot, Dark Glazed (1L)

The MENU Yana Brewing Pot is an expertly crafted item that is perfect for brewing. Its inventive dual filter immersion design allows tea and coffee to be brewed by steeping their leaves or grinds in water, extracting the natural flavors and producing hot or cold beverages. The stoneware pot is stylish and modern, featuring a speckled design and a dual filter made up of a layer of stainless steel etching filter and a layer of stainless steel mesh filter, which ensures that both tea and coffee are filtered perfectly. The pot's ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, and the angled spout allows for effortless pouring. The Yana Brewing Pot has a simple appearance that blends in seamlessly with any kitchen decor.

H: 19 cm x Ø: 10,7 cm x W: 17,6 cm x V: 1L
Materials: Ceramic, glazed


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