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Menu - Duca Candle Holder, Polish Brass

Duca by Menu is a visually stunning piece of design that draws its inspiration from tiny yet impactful design elements. One such detail is the rattan adornment encircling the lower half of the brass base. This feature creates an alluring and tactile contrast between the two materials. The candle holder's stem boasts a small screw that allows you to adjust its height, enabling you to fashion beautiful asymmetrical arrangements with multiple candle holders or other decor items. The name "Duca" stems from the Latin word for "extend," reflecting the product's unique and versatile nature.


Material - Polish brass, rattan

Colour - Polish brass

Height - 16.5–24 cm

Diameter - 8 cm

Notes - Fits a candle size circumference 2.2cm Fits a candle size Ø: 2.2 cm

Care instructions

Use a soft dry cloth to clean. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals or harsh abrasives. Avoid using water.



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