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CIRE TRUDON | Odalisque Room Diffuser (350ml)

Crafted from the same iconic green glass, the 350ml fluted vessel is embellished with a gold emblem. The diffuser, which is made by hand at the same glass factory as the candles, features a 100% recyclable aluminum ring and comes with 8 natural black rattan sticks that are inserted through it.

The fragrance of orange blossom is enriched by the scents of citrus and wood barks, creating a dreamy atmosphere similar to that of a painting. A pale curl of smoke from a narghile adds to the romantic, orientalist feel of the scene. The wild juniper and bright citrus notes are bold and powerful, providing a sharp contrast to the soft vanilla undertones, like a thin steel blade in the midst of a silky shadow.

Head Notes: Lemon, Orange

Heart Notes: Orange Blossom 

Base Notes:Vanilla, Wild Jupiner

Made in France 

This diffuser employs passive diffusion and can last for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Separate refills are available


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