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CIRE TRUDON | Madurai Room Diffuser (350ml)

Crafted from the same iconic blue glass, the 350ml fluted vessel is embellished with a gold emblem. The diffuser, which is made by hand at the same glass factory as the candles, features a 100% recyclable aluminum ring and comes with 8 natural black rattan sticks that are inserted through it.

The Duke of Tuscany brought jasmine, a flower that had originated in Arabia, to India in 1690. To this day, jasmine remains an essential component of Indian mythology, folklore, and daily customs, whether in its fresh or dried form. In some cases, jasmine sambac is added to loose-leaf tea to impart its flavour, while in other situations, it is fashioned into garlands for use as necklaces. This aromatic flower is held in high esteem for its spiritual importance and is frequently presented as an offering at Hindu temples.

Head Notes: Ylang-Ylang.

Heart Notes: Sambac Jasmine absolute

Base Notes:Benzoin Resin

Made in France 

This diffuser employs passive diffusion and can last for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Separate refills are available


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