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Laurel Earrings

Inspired by ancient Roman decorative laurel leaves, these linear drop earrings feature a fluid, lightweight and delicate laurel leaf design, intended to move organically with you. The pin top is embellished with a mini pearl border and blue agate centre.

A note on lapis lazuli: Known as the 'stone of rulers', in ancient times this stone was forbidden to commoners and worn only by royalty. Lapis lazuli is thought to enhance awareness, insight and intellect, bringing peacefulness and self acceptance. A symbol of wisdom and truth, this gemstone helps to promote communication and aid in the process of learning, as well as help to enhance memory. Usually deep blue in colour with golden flecks of pyrite.

High quality materials:18ct gold plated solid silver, lapis lazuli and mini pearls

Handmade in Italy

Designed in the UK by women, for women

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