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Greg Natale - Palazzo Bookends Foresta, Travetine &Nero

A study in decorative function and the varied beauty of nature’s own vibrant building block, marble, Palazzo represents a rich architectural history. Its unique structure gives a nod to the repeated arches of Rome’s Colosseo Quadrato, itself a homage to the Colosseum and now headquarters of fashion brand Fendi.

Palazzo is also available in three other combinations of marble and travertine, as well as a new polished crystal version. An elegant ornamentation or a frame for treasured books, Palazzo offers a robust yet refined statement for your home.

Materials: Foresta Marble, Nero Marble & Travertine
Dimensions: L150 x W75 x H180mm
Sold as a Set of 2

Marble is a naturally occurring material, so pieces may vary slightly in appearance - these are not faults, they are the details that make each creation wonderfully unique.

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