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Ellery - Fractured Gloss

The new hero, Ellery creates a feeling of bold embodiment, in a time where tactility is lacking that created a piece that channels the true essence of form. The symmetrically formed curves add a refined playfulness to any setting, to any place, she’ll be seen. Ellery stands 32cm tall and 20cm at the widest point.

The intention for this glaze is to bring about a calm & grounding atmosphere while highlighting the beauty in the fractures caused by extreme pressure. The surface of this incredible glaze is covered with millions of tiny fractures covering the form. This surface texture is widely known as a crackle glaze and is caused by a thermal expansion mismatch between body and glaze during the firing process. As the kiln atmosphere begins to cool, the thin layer of glaze is constricted and begins to shatter, creating a wave of hairline features to wash across the piece. The soft matte grey band to the base of the form, while being signature to Marloe Marloe works, also allows for contrast in visual texture.

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