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F+H, Drillbit Hoop Earrings - 25mm

The F+H Drill Bit Hoop Earrings are a must-have fashion accessory. Designed with a passion for industrial references, these earrings are inspired by drill bits and have a hardware twist, providing a contemporary twist to the classic hoop earring design. The 25mm hoop size is slightly larger and thicker, making it an ideal choice for creating a bold statement. Additionally, these earrings are available in sustainably sourced gold plating.



·      High micron, ethically sourced 18K gold plating certified by LBMA Responsible Gold to meet international ethics standards.

·      Brass base metal with gold plating or 925 solid sterling silver.

·      Nickel free.

·      Sold as a pair for pierced ears.

·      All items are original designs by Sharona Harris at F+H Studios, Australia.


Total diameter 25mm.

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