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CIRE TRUDON - La Cloche - Bell Jar + Board

During the 20th century, the wedding cloche lost its traditional symbolic function in homes and became a popular collectible or decorative item. Trudon, since the opening of its boutique in Paris, has been using these classic glass bells to showcase its candles, turning it into an essential part of their house ritual. As they are lifted, the cloches reveal the exceptional scents of the candles.

Today, Trudon offers these glass bells for sale to its admirers, allowing them to enhance the display of their candles in their homes.

The dome of the cloche is made of blown glass and features the Trudon logo. 

It is paired with a handcrafted and polished wooden base. With its strong connection to Trudon's history, this luxurious object not only protects the candle but also enhances its fragrance. The La Cloche is suitable for both classic and small candles.

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