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CIRE TRUDON Tuileries Great Candle 3kg

Floral & fruity chypre

To celebrate its 380th anniversary, Trudon delves into the depths of history and introduces a fresh collection called Tuileries. This new fragrance, available in four candle sizes and a diffuser, pays homage to the rich French heritage and the captivating narratives it encompasses.

The inspiration for the Tuileries collection originates from a rare manuscript housed at the French National Archives, known as the Gazette des Atours de la Reine. Within this seemingly ordinary notebook, Countess Geneviève d'Ossun—a prominent French courtier who served as lady-in-waiting and first maid of honor to Marie Antoinette—meticulously compiled numerous fabric samples used in crafting the regal dresses and attire for the sovereigns.

Crafted as a tribute to the rose, the Queen's beloved flower throughout her lifetime, the fragrance encapsulates the essence of this enduring symbol.


Olfactive Pyramid: 

Head Notes - Pink berry, Blackcurrant, Mandarin

Heart Notes - White Flowers, Raspberry, Geranium, Rose

Base Notes - Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla



H - 21.5 cm Ø - 18 cm

Weight - 2.8 kg / 105 oz

Burning time - More than 300 hours


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