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CIRE TRUDON - Terre à Terre Candle (270g)

The Maître Tseng × Trudon collection was inspired by the concept of water flowing from the sky and enriched by the elements of the earth. The scented candles in this collection are divided into three stages that reflect this idea. Terre à Terre (Earth to Earth) is one of the candles, created by Mylène Alran, and it has a mossy and earthy fragrance. It is like being in harmony with the soil and is accompanied by woody notes reminiscent of vetiver, cashmere wood, and patchouli, as well as undergrowth notes suggested by an accord between moss and mushroom. The scent is deep and revealing with notes of humus. The Chinese name for Terre à Terre is related to a fertile land that can nourish all living beings. 

Top Notes: Violet Leaf Accord, Grapefruit accord, Elemi, Grapefruit

Heart Notes:Undergrowth Accord, Cypriol India, Patchouli Indonesie

Base Notes: Ambergris Accord, Moss Accord, Ambergris, Vetiver Haiti

Made in France

Burning time:55 to 65 hours

Avaliable with