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Carrière Frères | Tomato Diffuser (200ml)

The tomato is a popular fruit worldwide, despite being a berry from the Solanaceae family. Originating in South America, it was called "tomalt" by the Inca people. The tomato is sweet and juicy, and it is enjoyed both as a fruit and in savory dishes. However, there is disagreement about how to pronounce its name, with some saying "tomato" and others saying it differently.

Carrière Frères has created a fragrance diffuser in the shape of an apothecary flask, inspired by the work of ancient herbalists. The diffuser's octagonal label is also inspired by this shape. It is made from recycled and recyclable glass, with a recognizable blue tint.

Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl.oz
Duration: 8 to 12 weeks
Bottle size: H: 12.5 cm Ø: 6.5 cm

Made in France 



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