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Carriere Freres - Iris Candle (185g)

The iris pallida, commonly known as sweet iris, displays a pale hue in its colouring. This hardy perennial plant is a member of the Iridaceae family and originates from the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. It grows in dense clusters from a rhizome, with its blade-shaped leaves fanning out and its delicate, purplish flowers blooming softly.

In ancient Egypt, the iris was closely associated with Horus, the falcon God who represented both the sun and the moon. Its flower held great symbolism, bringing together the heavens and the earth. Over time, the iris became a symbol of French royalty, preceding the white lily. The fashion of iris perfume was first introduced by Catherine de Medici and gained popularity throughout the 19th century. Today, iris perfume is highly prized in the world of perfumery, with its powdery and comforting scent that exudes gentle sweetness.

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