Carriere Freres 2020 Pine Cinnamon Candle 185gm

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A warm-hearted marriage, the Siberian Fir and Sri-Lankan Galle Cinnamon compose a spicy perfume lighten up by the sensual nature of the cinnamon. The scented Holiday Season candle points in the direction to the ancient island of Ceylon, where the unique and noble bark has been cultivated for centuries. Cultivated in plantations in the Southern part of the island, it is harvested with care, following ancient artisanal know-how. As a result, the essence of the Galle cinnamon is recognized as the best in the world.
Available in limited edition, the scented candle comes in a white container adorned with a golden label: the Siberian Fir x Galle Cinnamon is an invitation to celebrate the end of the year in an atmosphere where the softness and warmth of festivities take over, with an extra spicy touch.

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