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Carriere Freses - Acacia Candle, Robinia (185g)

Carrière Frères has partnered with the Paris National Museum of Natural History to feature plants that are not only unusual and exotic but also possess a rich historical significance.

The acacia, also known as the black locust tree, is native to the eastern United States and boasts lush, cool green foliage, flat pods that hold their seeds, and clusters of sweet, cream-colored flowers. Despite being cultivated in Europe since the 17th century, these trees can live for over 300 years. In Paris, two unique specimens that were planted by King Henri IV's gardener in 1601 can still be seen today.

Initially, one can detect a refreshing coolness that is revealed by the green notes of violet leaves. The scent then emits a variety of golden floral tones that are reminiscent of the acacia's sweet-smelling blooms, which have an aroma similar to that of an orange tree. The acacia absolute has a rounded, enveloping quality that brings out powdery notes, which are both green and floral in nature. The matte, jade green-tinted glass bottle features botanical illustrations from the 19th century, and the octagonal label showcases an Acacia branch printed in gold embossing at its center.


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