Brûle Parfum, Pink

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We invite you to a silent perfume ceremony with our oil burner, handcrafted from amber borosilicate glass.


Carefully follow these three simple steps:


Gently pour water into the circular recipient and delicately add five drops of our oil burner blend. Ignite the tea light to infuse the water with a gentle warmth. Breathe deeply, and enjoy!


  • Made from 100% Borosilicate glass.  
  • Each oil burner comes with an Australian beeswax candle and features the Maison Balzac star logo on its base.
  • The glassware is hand-blown, and as a result, slight variances in shape, size and colour may occur. These variances are part of the inherent charm of handmade products, and should not be considered a fault. Any irregularities that may occur will never deter from the overall aesthetic of the product, or hinder its ability to be used as intended.


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