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Carriere Freres Botanical Palets - Lavender

The hills of Southern France are home to a plant commonly known as "true lavender". With its purple shrubs and green-grey leaves, lavender defiantly stands tall against the elements, showcasing its fragrant flowers in colorful spikes.

 Lavender's essential oil boasts the highest quality, possessing purifying and healing properties. This grand and generous flower has much to offer.

Carriere Freres has introduced a new home accessory to their olfactory collection, the botanical palets. These scented-wax objects are perfect for imparting a lovely fragrance to wardrobes or drawers. Each palet is handmade in the brand's workshops, using botanical ingredients carefully sourced by l'Herboristerie de la Chartreuse from a network of local foragers or sustainable worldwide partners. Shaped in an octagonal form and adorned with a green cotton ribbon, each palet can be placed or hung up wherever desired.


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