And Now, Relax - Incense Set, White Pebble + Sainte T

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We can't imagine an egg without a shell and we can't think of incense without a holder. So we have imagined this set of black glass and Chapelle incense, ready anytime you need to slow down or perfume your personal space. Simply pull the drawer of the box, unite the glass pebble with the incense, and now, relax.


Glass Pebble: 

  • Colour: Opaque White
  • Size: 5.6cm wide, 2.2cm high


  • Scent: Sainte T
  • Olfactive notes: Green Leaf, Rose, Musk
  • Ingredients: Jimi (or Tabunoki) powdered wood, natural oils
  • This box holds approximatively 50 incense sticks of impeccable quality, made in Japan.


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