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21:30 Sous les draps - Room Spray

Cumin, Rose, Patchouli, and Moss blend together to create a Floral, Spicy aroma reminiscent of intimate skin-to-skin moments, envisioned by Vincent Ricord for D’ORSAY.
Finally, we find ourselves enveloped in this home fragrance, transported beneath the sheets. Notes of Cumin and Rose linger, hinting at the intensely carnal moment ahead. They dissipate, leaving only the chosen few entwined beneath the covers. At 9:30 pm, bodies unite— one, two, three, perhaps even more if passion ignites. Yet, some desires are best fulfilled in secrecy.
Head: Almond wood
Heart: Linen, Iris butter
Base: White cedar, Musk
Volume: 90ml

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