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16:45 Mine de rein - Room Spray

Blackcurrant Leaves, Wild Rose, Musk, and Leather blend together to create a Floral, Leathery scent that evokes the sensation of initial touches, envisioned by Vincent Ricord for D’ORSAY.
This home fragrance transports us back to those first moments. A sudden burst of honesty with a hint of Blackcurrant Leaf... Instead of calming, Wild Rose envelops you in a feverish state of innocence.
Two figures dance in the night, their movements restrained, yet the Leather notes send shivers down the spine. Indeed, a fragrance has the power to evoke such sensations. The choice is yours whether to surrender to its allure.
Head : Blackcurrant leaves
Heart : Iris, Peony, Wild Rose
Base : Musk, Leather
Volume: 90ml

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