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03:50 Comme la derniere fois - Room Spray

Orris Butter, White Cedarwood, and Musk blend together to create a musky, woody scent reminiscent of an artist's sanctuary, crafted by Olivia Giacobetti for D'ORSAY.
Stepping into this fragrant interior is akin to entering a sacred space. Art, in all its forms, holds a sense of reverence. The ambiance of the studio gently envelops you, saturated with the aroma of wood and adorned with paintings, softly illuminated by the night. The fragrance is as comforting as White Cedar, as delicate as Iris Butter, and as alluringly sensual as Musk. At 03:50, it meanders without disruption, gracefully evolving without losing its essence.
Head: Almond wood
Heart: Linen, Iris butter
Base: White cedar, Musk
Volume: 90ml

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