250g Fleur de Lys Lily of the Valley Soap

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The richness and luxury of these Lily of the Valley French Soaps are world renowned representing the most benefits for their moisturizing, soothing and regenerative properties to the face and body. Without doubt these are the most beautiful and admired of all traditional handmade soaps - using only the finest ingredients from the French Provincial region, sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, virgin olive oil, Lily of the Valley essential oils and cooked in old fashioned cauldrons. 

Made with 100% natural products they are well known for Their superior quality and natural ingredients enhance the life of these soaps beyond normal. Try them today and cherish the difference!

Product Details:

  • Fragrance: Lily of the Valley
  • Soap Colour: White
  • Size: 11 x 7.5 x 3cm
  • Weight: 250 gram
  • Made in Marseille, France
  • Directly imported
  • Beautifully wrapped in Royal Fleur de Lys paper

Lily of the Valley Fragrance

Green floral with a clean and bright profile, sweetish jasmine-like.

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