Vanity Display Box

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Practical and elevated, the VANITY BOX was designed to be versatile among spaces in the home. The VANITY BOX is our essential form, add it to your bathroom, kitchen or bedside for understated minimalism. The Box is 20.5 cm long, 14.5 cm wide & 5 cm high at the sides ~ designed to display your skincare, scents or home essentials, there’s so much to love about our signature Vanity Box.


The Vanity Box is handmade and in our CORE Lava & Bone glaze, a true minimalist piece. A textured lava exterior glaze envelopes this form with our MARLOE MARLOE brand stamp hidden yet refined at the base. Glaze will vary from piece to piece resulting in unique and individual creations, each perfect in their imperfection. This glaze is not food safe.



Produced from the highest quality stoneware, in-house studio glaze recipes and twice fired to vitrification.  

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