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Cire Trudon - Napoleon Bust Black

Maison Cire Trudon, which is aware of the great significance of French history, has requested permission from the French National Museum Council to produce wax replicas of some of the jewels from its Molding Workshop catalogue. The company, formerly known as the Manufacture Royale de Cire, is now showcasing busts of French historical figures and symbols, a topic that is highly valued by the company.

During the Consulate period, Napoleon Bonaparte realized the importance of having his image displayed to the French people and initiated the creation of his own legend through various mediums such as sculptures, snuff boxes, and fans. The multiplicity of objects depicting the Emperor or imperial symbols served as a powerful propaganda tool for the Napoleonic legend.

However, during the Restoration, Bonapartists were forced to conceal their beliefs and prepare for their revenge, leading to an increase in seditious objects. Following Napoleon's death in 1821, copies depicting his main actions became more prevalent, and the Second Empire (1852) officially established the imperial legend through commissioned sculptures and museum exhibitions. The fall of the regime in 1870 put an end to the celebration of Napoleon for 20 years, but nationalist fervor reemerged in the 1890s, and since then, he has remained a heroic figure.

Height: 24cm

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